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Fig. 9

From: Interactive visual exploration and refinement of cluster assignments

Fig. 9

Overview of the improved StratomeX. a The first column is stratified into three groups using affinity propagation. b Distances between all clusters are shown. c The second column shows the same data but is clustered differently using a hierarchical algorithm. d Notice that Group 2 in the second column is a combination of parts of Group 1 and Group 2 of the first column. e Manual cluster refinement: The second block (Group 1) of the second column is split, and we see clearly that the patterns in the block at the bottom is quite different from the others. f This block also exhibits a different phenotype: the Kaplan-Meier plot shows worse outcomes for this block. g The rightmost column shows the same dataset clustered with a fuzzy algorithm. h Notice that the second cluster contains mostly unique records (most bars are green), while the other two clusters share about a third of their records (violet)

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