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Table 4 Top 5 predicted interactions which are not present in the datasets

From: VB-MK-LMF: fusion of drugs, targets and interactions using variational Bayesian multiple kernel logistic matrix factorization

Probability Drug Target Drug name Target name DrugBank NRLMF
Nuclear Receptor
 0.943 D00316 hsa6096 Etretinate RARB Yes 1
 0.671 D01132 hsa6097 Tazarotene RARC aRARB 6
 0.662 D01132 hsa190 Tazarotene NR0B1   18
 0.529 D00898 hsa2100 Dienestrol ESR2 Yes 7
 0.445 D00094 hsa6095 Tretinoin RARA Yes 26
 0.966 D00283 hsa1814 Clozapine DRD3 Yes 1
 0.956 D00110 hsa1813 Cocaine DRD2   188
 0.938 D02358 hsa154 Metoprolol ADRB2 Yes 2
 0.937 D02614 hsa154 Denopamine ADRB2 Yes 4
 0.937 D04625 hsa154 Isoetharine ADRB2 Yes 3
Ion Channel
 0.990 D00538 hsa6331 Zonisamide SCN5A Yes 9
 0.986 D00294 hsa3767 Diazoxide KCNJ11 Yes 244
 0.985 D00552 hsa6331 Tetracaine SCN5A Yes 5
 0.983 D00438 hsa779 Nimodipine CACNA1S Yes 2
 0.983 D00649 hsa8911 Amiloride CACNA1I   83
 0.999 D00542 hsa1571 Halothane CYP2E1 Yes 1
 0.995 D00097 hsa5743 Salicylic acid PTGS2 Yes 4
 0.995 D00437 hsa1559 Nifedipine CYP2C9 Yes 5
 0.987 D00501 hsa50940 Pentoxifylline PDE11A aPDE5A 2
 0.986 D00501 hsa5150 Pentoxifylline PDE7A aPDE5A 3
  1. Many of the hits were confirmed by the current version of DrugBank. The asymbol indicates a known interaction with another member of the protein family. The last column denotes the rank of the interaction among the NRLMF predictions