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Table 1 Comparison of main features of different rice expression databases

From: RiceMetaSys for salt and drought stress responsive genes in rice: a web interface for crop improvement

Parameter RiceMetaSys ROAD* Rice SRTFdb Rice-Plex RiceXpro Qteller QlicRice
Tissue/stage/genotype specific expression Yes Yes No No (individual datasets) Yes Yes (need to select experiment) No
Co-expression analysis No(external link provided) Yes No No No No No
Trait specific search Yes Yes (but meta-analysis is not trait specific) Yes Yes No No Yes (For QTLs)
Output format Table and graphs Heatmap, table
and graphs
Table Heatmap, table and graphs Map chart and table Table Table
Marker information SSRs, ISM-ILP No No No No No No
Bulk Acceptance/Retrieval Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Retrieval possible but not acceptance Yes
Other Details Various search options for better comparison;
Genes common between traits as well as among varieties can be retrieved;
DEGs between two markers can be retrieved
Single and multiple platform probe search;
Meta profiling possible
Focus on TFs;
Common genes between traits can be retrieved
Based on rice and 15 other plant species;
Homology among various species
Genes can be viewed from field/development and plant hormone microarray datasets Based on expression studies in major crop species;
Genes between two physical coordinates can be retrieved
QTL specific database;
Genes in the QTL interval can be retrieved
  1. *Currently not available