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Table 1 Comparison of three solutions

From: BugMat and FindNeighbour: command line and server applications for investigating bacterial relatedness

Implementation BugMat FindNeighbour1 FindNeighbour2
Presentation Command Line Server application Server application
Technology In-memory matrix In-memory matrix In-memory reference based sequences
Can add samples No Yes Yes
Role in production environment Remove invariant sites before maximal likelihood tree generation Store pairwise distances between samples Store significant pairwise distances between samples
Stores all pairwise distances Yes Yes No (customisable)
Uses database for sequence metadata storage No Yes Yes
Uses database for pairwise distance storage No No Yes
Requires reference sequence specified No No Yes
Implementation C++ Python, C++ Python
  1. Comparison of three solutions. A comparison of the approaches taken by three solutions (BugMat, Findneighbour, Findneighbour2) is shown