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Table 2 Datasets of mouse ASD model

From: dbMDEGA: a database for meta-analysis of differentially expressed genes in autism spectrum disorder

Data sets Platform Reference Tissue type Number of samples ASD;Control
 GSE62594 GPL13912 (Agilent) Shpyleva et al. (2014) Cerebellum 8;8
 GSE51612 GPL7202 (Agilent) Sgadò et al. (2013) Cerebellum 3;3
 GSE40630 GPL6246 (Affymetrix) Kong et al. (2014) Cerebellum 8;8
 GSE47150 GPL1261 (Affymetrix) Lanz TA et al. (2013) Cortex 30;4
 GSE32012 GPL6246 (Affymetrix) Horev G et al. (2011) Cerebellum, Cortex 5;3
     54;26 = 80