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Table 5 Summary of statistical and geometrical models for segmenting scaffolds. Note: The geometrical algorithms A6 and A7 with an asterisk are based on modified Frangi vesselness applied to microfiber and medium microfiber scaffolds, and combined with the plane least squares fitting to spun coat scaffolds

From: Modeling, validation and verification of three-dimensional cell-scaffold contacts from terabyte-sized images

Channel treatment Statistical Models Geometrical Models of Spun Coat & Fiber Scaffolds
Independent single channel segmentation/labeling  • A1: Single-pixel model  • A6*: Plane & Vesselness (σ=1.0)
 • A2: Mixed-pixel spatial model
 • A7*: Plane & Vesselness (σ=1.5)
 • A4: Additive noise model
 • A5: Markov Random Field model
Joint two channel segmentation/labeling  • A3: Mixed-pixel channel model (scaffold stain bleed-through or cell stain bleed-through)  • A8: Ad-Hoc Thresholding + Filtering