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Fig. 1

From: ImageJ2: ImageJ for the next generation of scientific image data

Fig. 1

Examples of image processing algorithms available in ImageJ Ops. Panel a (top left): 3D wireframe mesh of ImageJ’s Bat Cochlea Volume sample dataset [94], computed by the geom.marchingCubes op, an implementation of the marching cubes algorithm [95], visualized using MeshLab [96]. Credit to Kyle Harrington for the figure, Tim-Oliver Buchholz for authoring the op, and Art Keating for the dataset. Panel b (top right): Richardson-Lucy Total Variation deconvolution [97] of the Stellaris FISH dataset #1 [98], computed by the deconvolve.richardsonLucyTV op. Credit to Brian Northan for authoring the op and figure [99], and George McNamara for the dataset. Panel c (bottom): Grayscale morphology and neighborhood filter operations on Fiji’s New Lenna sample image, using a diamond-shaped structuring element with radius 3. Credit to Jean-Yves Tinevez, Jonathan Hale and Leon Yang for authoring the ops

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