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Fig. 4

From: ImageJ2: ImageJ for the next generation of scientific image data

Fig. 4

Side-by-side comparison of ImageJ2-based user interfaces and integrations. Panel a (top left): ImageJFX, a JavaFX-based user interface built on ImageJ2. Panel b (top right): ImageJ2’s default user interface, the ImageJ Legacy UI, which wraps ImageJ 1.x. Panel c (bottom left): Example KNIME workflow utilizing ImageJ2 image processing nodes. Panel d (middle right): Swing UI prototype, closely modeled after ImageJ 1.x so that it remains familiar to existing users, in various Java “Look & Feel” modes. Panel e (bottom right): A proof-of-concept Apache Pivot user interface. The ImageJFX and ImageJ Legacy UIs display an XY slice of ImageJ’s Confocal Series sample dataset (dataset courtesy of Joel Sheffield), which has been rotated, smoothed and colorized

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