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Table 1 The 15 complexes used in the training data set

From: Protein-protein interface hot spots prediction based on a hybrid feature selection strategy

PDB First molecule Second molecule
1a4y Angiogenin Ribonuclease Inhibitor
1a22 Human growth hormone Human growth honnone binding protein
1ahw Immunoglobulin Fab 5G9 Tissue factor
1brs Bamase Barstar
1bxi Colicin E9 Immunity Im9 Colicin E9 DNase
1cbw BPTI Trypsin inhibitor Chymotrypsin
1dan Blood coagulation factor VI1A Tissue factor
1dvf Idiotopic antibody FV D1.3 Anti-idiotopic antibody FV E5.2
1 fc2 Fc fragment Fragment B of protein A
1fcc Fc (IGG1) Protein G
1gc1 Envelope protein GP120 CD4
1jrh Antibody A6 Interferon-gamma receptor
1vfb Mouse monoclonal antibody D1.3 Hen egg lysozyme
2ptc BPTI Trypsin
3hfm Hen Egg Lysozyme lg FAB fragment HyHEL-10