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Table 1 The HQI8 subset of amino acid indices from the AAindex database

From: Exploring the potential of 3D Zernike descriptors and SVM for protein–protein interface prediction

Entry name Description
BLAM930101 Alpha helix propensity of position 44 in T4 lysozyme [99].
BIOV880101 Information value for accessibility; average fraction 35% [100].
MAXF760101 Normalized frequency of alpha-helix [101].
TSAJ990101 Volumes including the crystallographic waters using the ProtOr [102].
NAKH920108 AA composition of MEM of multi-spanning proteins [103].
CEDJ970104 Composition of amino acids in intracellular proteins (percent) [104].
LIFS790101 Conformational preference for all beta-strands [105].
MIYS990104 Optimized relative partition energies - method C [106].