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Table 4 Training and test split for each of the 16 protein classes in the Protein–Protein Docking Benchmark 5.0

From: Exploring the potential of 3D Zernike descriptors and SVM for protein–protein interface prediction

Dataset Training set Test set
A r 1AY1.HL (1BGX), 1BVL.BA (1BVK), 2FAT.HL (2FD6), 2I24.N (2I25), 3EO0.AB (3EO1), 3G6A.LH (3G6D), 3HMW.LH (3HMX), 3L7E.LH (3L5W), 3MXV.LH (3MXW), 3V6F.AB (3V6Z), 4GXV.HL (4GXU) 1FGN.LH (1AHW), 1DQQ.CD (1DQJ), 1QBL.HL (1WEJ), 1GIG.LH (2VIS), 2VXU.HL (2VXT), 3RVT.CD (3RVW), 4G5Z.HL (4G6J)
A l 1TAQ.A (1BGX), 3LZT (1BVK), 1A43 (1E6J), 1YWH.A (2FD6), 1IK0.A (3G6D), 1F45.AB (3HMX), 3M1N.A (3MXW), 3F5V.A (3RVW), 3KXS.F (3V6Z), 1DOL.A (4DN4), 4I1B.A (4G6J), 1RUZ.HIJKLM (4GXU) 1TFH.A (1AHW), 1HRC (1WEJ), 2VIU.ACE (2VIS), 1J0S.A (2VXT), 1QM1.A (2W9E), 1TGJ.AB (3EO1), 3F74.A (3EOA), 2FK0.ABCDEF (4FQI)
AB r 1BJ1.HL (1BJ1), 1FSK.BC (1FSK), 1I9R.HL (1I9R), 1K4C.AB (1K4C), 1KXQ.H (1KXQ), 2JEL.HL (2JEL), 1QFW.HL (9QFW) 1IQD.AB (1IQD), 1NCA.HL (1NCA), 1NSN.HL (1NSN), 1QFW.IM (1QFW), 2HMI.CD (2HMI)
AB l 2VPF.GH (1BJ1), 1BV1 (1FSK), 1D7P.M (1IQD), 7NN9 (1NCA), 1HRP.AB (1QFW), 1S6P.AB (2HMI), 1POH (2JEL) 1ALY.ABC (1I9R), 1JVM.ABCD (1K4C), 1PPI (1KXQ), 1KDC (1NSN)
EI r 1QQU.A (1AVX), 1PIG (1BVN), 1JAE.A (1CLV), 1EAX.A (1EAW), 1TRM.A (1EZU), 4PEP (1F34), 2PKA.XY (1HIA), 1AKL.A (1JIW), 3GMU.B (1JTG), 1QLP.A (1OPH), 1SCD.A (1OYV), 1X9Y.A (1PXV), 2DCY.A (2B42), 966C.A (2J0T), 1ZM8.A (2O3B), 1SUP (2SIC), 1A3S.A (3A4S), 2QA9.E (3SGQ), 3VLA.A (3VLB), 4HWX.AB (4HX3), 1UNK.D (7CEI) 2CGA.B (1ACB), 1RGH.B (1AY7), 1HCL (1BUH), 2TGT (1D6R), 9RSA.B (1DFJ), 9EST.A (1FLE), 1CK7.A (1GXD), 3QI0.A (1JTD), 1J06.B (1MAH), 1UDH. (1UDI), 2GHU.A (1YVB), 1KWM.A (1ZLI), 8CPA.A (4CPA), 1ERK.A (4IZ7)
EI l 1EGL (1ACB), 1BA7.B (1AVX), 1HOE (1BVN), 1HPT (1CGI), 1QFD.A (1CLV), 1F32.A (1F34), 1PMC.A (1GL1), 1BX8 (1HIA), 1BTL.A (1JTD), 1ZG4.A (1JTG), 1UTQ.A (1OPH), 1PJU.A (1OYV), 1LU0.A (1PPE), 1NYC.A (1PXV), 1B1U.A (1TMQ), 1CEW.I (1YVB), 2JTO.A (1ZLI), 1ZFI.A (2ABZ), 1T6E.X (2B42), 1D2B.A (2J0T), 2NNR.A (2OUL), 2CI2.I (2SNI), 2UUX.A (2UUY), 3A4R.A (3A4S), 3VL8.A (3VLB), 1C7K.A (4HX3) 1A19.B (1AY7), 1DKS.A (1BUH), 1K9B.A (1D6R), 2BNH (1DFJ), 9PTI (1EAW), 1ECZ.AB (1EZU), 2REL.A (1FLE), 1BR9.A (1GXD), 2RN4.A (1JIW), 1FSC (1MAH), 2GKR.I (1R0R), 2UGI.B (1UDI), 1J57.A (2O3B), 3SSI (2SIC), 1H20.A (4CPA), 2LS7.A (4IZ7), 1M08.B (7CEI)
ER r 1IXM.AB (1F51), 1BU6.O (1GLA), 1AUQ (1M10), 1JXQ.A (1NW9), 1B3K.A (1OC0), 1R6C.X (1R6Q), 2FXS.A (1US7), 2AYN.A (2AYO), 3OWG.A (2GAF), 1L7E.AB (2OOR), 1YZU.A (2OT3), 2YVF.A (2YVJ), 2D1I.A (2Z0E), 2EDI.A (3FN1), 1BPB.A (3K75), 1UPL.A (4FZA) 1AUQ (1IJK), 1JMJ.A (1JMO), 3EED.AB (1JWH), 1JZO.AB (1JZD), 1V8Z.AB (1WDW), 1MH1 (2NZ8), 4JJ7.AB (3H11), 3LVM.AB (3LVK), 3PC6.A (3PC8), 1XVB.ABCDEF (4GAM)
ER l 1SRR.C (1F51), 1FVU.AB (1IJK), 2OPY.A (1NW9), 2W0G.A (1US7), 1GEQ.A (1WDW), 1VPT.A (2GAF), 1NTY.A (2NZ8), 1E3T.A (2OOR), 1TXU.A (2OT3), 2E4P.A (2YVJ), 1V49.A (2Z0E), 2LQ7.A (3FN1), 1DCJ.A (3LVK), 3PC7.A (3PC8), 3GGF.A (4FZA), 1CKV.A (4GAM) 1F3Z.A (1GLA), 2CN0.HL (1JMO), 3C13.A (1JWH), 1JPE.A (1JZD), 1M0Z.B (1M10), 2JQ8.A (1OC0), 2W9R.A (1R6Q), 2FCN.A (2AYO), 3H13.A (3H11), 3K77.A (3K75)
ES r 1E1N.A (1E6E), 1GJR.A (1EWY), 1B39.A (1FQ1), 1N0V.C (1ZM4), 3UIU.A (2A1A), 2BBK.JM (2MTA), 1SUR.A (2O8V), 2OOA.A (2OOB), 1GIQ.A (4H03), 4LW2.AB (4LW4) 1CL0.A (1F6M), 1QUP.A (1JK9), 1JB1.ABC (1KKL), 1L6P (1Z5Y), 1U90.A (2A9K), 1J54.A (2IDO), 1CCP (2PCC)
ES l 1CJE.D (1E6E), 1CZP.A (1EWY), 1FPZ.F (1FQ1), 2JCW.A (1JK9), 2HPR (1KKL), 1Q46.A (2A1A), 2C8B.X (2A9K), 1SE7.A (2IDO), 2RAC.A (2MTA), 1NI7.A (4LW4) 2TIR.A (1F6M), 2B1K.A (1Z5Y), 1XK9.A (1ZM4), 1YJ1.A (2OOB), 1YCC (2PCC), 1IJJ.A (4H03)
OG r 1QG4.A (1A2K), 1AB8.AB (1AZS), 1CTQ.A (1BKD), 1MH1 (1E96), 1MH1 (1I4D), 5P21.A (1LFD), 6Q21.D (1WQ1), 2ZKM.X (2FJU), 1GFI.A (2GTP), 1MH1 (2H7V), 3CPI.G (3CPH) 1TND.C (1FQJ), 1A4R.A (1GRN), 1MH1 (1HE1), 821P (1HE8), 1RRP.AB (1K5D), 1HUR.A (1R8S), 2BME.A (1Z0K), 1FKM.A (2G77)
OG l 1OUN.AB (1A2K), 1AZT.A (1AZS), 1HH8.A (1E96), 1RGP (1GRN), 1HE9.A (1HE1), 1OXZ.A (1J2J), 1LXD.A (1LFD), 1R8M.E (1R8S), 1WER (1WQ1), 1YZM.A (1Z0K), 1Z06.A (2G77) 1FQI.A (1FQJ), 1TBG.DH (1GP2), 1A12.A (1I2M), 1F59.A (1IBR), 1YRG.B (1K5D), 2BV1.A (2GTP), 1G16.A (3CPH)
OR r 1BUY.A (1EER), 1QFK.HL (1FAK), 1B98.AM (1HCF), 1NOB.F (1KAC), 1MKF.AB (1ML0), 1FZV.AB (1RV6), 1BEC (1SBB), 1ACC.A (1T6B), 1U5Y.ABD (1XU1), 1JX6.A (1ZHH), 1YWH.A (2I9B), 3L88.ABC (3L89), 1H0C.AB (3R9A), 1N6U.A (3S9D) 3AVE.AB (1E4K), 1C3D (1GHQ), 1G0Y.R (1IRA), 1MZN.AB (1K74), 1TGK (1KTZ), 1BQU.A (1PVH), 1R42.A (2AJF), 2BBA.A (2HLE), 1S62.A (2X9A)
OR l 1LY2.A (1GHQ), 1WWB.X (1HCF), 1EMR.A (1PVH), 1QSZ.A (1RV6), 1SHU.X (1T6B), 2HJE.A (1ZHH), 2GHV.E (2AJF), 1IKO.P (2HLE), 2I9A.A (2I9B), 2X9B.A (2X9A), 1CKL.A (3L89), 2C0M.A (3R9A), 1ITF.A (3S9D), 1M1U.A (4M76) 1FNL.A (1E4K), 1ERN.AB (1EER), 1TFH.B (1FAK), 1ILR.1 (1IRA), 1ZGY.AB (1K74), 1F5W.B (1KAC), 1M9Z.A (1KTZ), 1DOL (1ML0), 1SE4 (1SBB), 1XUT.A (1XU1)
OX r 2CPL (1AK4), 2CLR.DE (1AKJ), 1IJJ.B (1ATN), 1D6O.A (1B6C), 1BDD (1FC2), 3CHY.A (1FFW), 1GRI.B (1GCQ), 1THF.D (1GPW), 1EAN.A (1H9D), 1D4T.AB (1M27), 1IAM.A (1MQ8), 1OFT.AB (1OFU), 1SYQ.A (1RKE), 2PAB.ABCD (1RLB), 1QGV.A (1SYX), 1XQR.A (1XQS), 2FXU.A (1Y64), 1FCH.A (2C0L), 1SZ7.A (2CFH), 2HRA.A (2HRK), 1NG1.A (2J7P), 3CX9.A (2VDB), 3AA7.AB (3AAA), 3BIX.A (3BIW), 1C3D.A (3D5S), 1P97.A (3F1P), 3MYI.A (3H2V), 3KOV.AB (3P57) 1AVV.A (1EFN), 1QRQ.ABCD (1EXB), 1FC1.AB (1FCC), 1QJB.AB (1IB1), 1H15.AB (1KLU), 3MIN.ABCD (1N2C), 1HNF (1QA9), 2F0R.A (1S1Q), 1UCH (1XD3), 1M4Z.A (1ZHI), 1Y20.A (2A5T), 1BIZ.AB (2B4J), 1CRZ.A (2HQS), 3HEC.A (2OZA), 1EQF.A (3AAD), 1Z6R.AB (3BP8), 3BX8.A (3BX7), 3ODQ.AB (3SZK), 1VDD.ABCD (4JCV)
OX l 4J93.A (1AK4), 3DNI (1ATN), 1CX8.AB (1DE4), 1G83.A (1EFN), 1FC1.AB (1FC2), 2IGG.A (1FCC), 1FWP.A (1FFW), 1GCP.B (1GCQ), 1D0N.B (1H1V), 1STE (1KLU), 1MQ9.A (1MQ8), 2VAW.A (1OFU), 1CCZ.A (1QA9), 3MYI.A (1RKE), 1L2Z.A (1SYX), 1Z1A.A (1ZHI), 1Z9E.A (2B4J), 2BJN.A (2CFH), 1OAP.A (2HQS), 2IYL.D (2J7P), 3FYK.X (2OZA), 1MYO.A (3AAA), 1TEY.A (3AAD), 2R1D.A (3BIW), 2GOM.A (3D5S), 2HD7.A (3DAW), 1WI6.A (3H2V), 3IO2.A (3P57), 2H3K.A (3SZK), 1W3S.A (4JCV) 1CD8.AB (1AKJ), 1IAS.A (1B6C), 1QDV.ABCD (1EXB), 1K9V.F (1GPW), 1ILF.A (1H9D), 1KUY.A (1IB1), 1KW2.B (1KXP), 2NIP.AB (1N2C), 1HBP (1RLB), 1YJ1.A (1S1Q), 1S3X.A (1XQS), 1UX5.A (1Y64), 2A5S.A (2A5T), 1PNE (2BTF), 1C44.A (2C0L), 2HQT.A (2HRK), 2J5Y.A (2VDB), 3BP3.A (3BP8), 3OSK.A (3BX7), 1X0O.A (3F1P)
  1. The table gives the PDB code and chain ID of each protein used in this study (the PDB code in parentheses identifies the corresponding bound complex in the DB5 database)