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Table 1 List of used miRNAs and mRNAs for simulation Scenario 1

From: Hierarchical structural component modeling of microRNA-mRNA integration analysis

miRNA Role in simulation Inhibited mRNA
miR-217 Causal ITGBL1, ATP10A
miR-215 Non-Causal CDC6, CTH, DNAJC19, DPP10, ELP4, FUNDC2, GLP1R, B3GALNT2, SLC39A8
miR-485 Non-Causal CDX1, CTDNEP1, GPR3, HDAC5, KCNJ11, RASL10A, SLC39A14
miR-195 Non-Causal CNDP2, SLC45A2, SLC7A2
miR-381 Non-Causal DKK3, IGFBP5, LAMA4, OSBPL3, BAMBI
miR-132 Non-Causal GLRB, GMPR, ARX, SALL3
miR-363 Non-Causal SOSTDC1
miR-1 Non-Causal FAM150B
miR-28 Non-Causal SRPRB
miR-200 Non-Causal NRG3