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Table 2 List of clonotype definitions supported by IRProfiler

From: IRProfiler – a software toolbox for high throughput immune receptor profiling

Index Clonotype Name Components Comment
1 V + D + J + CDR3 (V-gene, D-gene, J-gene, CDR3-AA) IMGT Clonotype (AA) with the allele information omitted
2 V + J + CDR3 (V-gene, J-gene, CDR3-AA) No D-gene information; caters for D-gene assignment ambiguity
3 V + CDR3 (V-gene, CDR3-AA) Specialized definition, focusing on V-gene
4 J + CDR3 (J-gene, CDR3-AA) Specialized definition, focusing on J-gene
5 CDR3 (CDR3-AA) The least detailed definition including only CDR3-AA
  1. CDR3-AA denotes the animoacid translation of the CDR3 including the anchor animoacids (104 and 118)