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Table 4 Results of theoretical and experimental execution time estimation (extracted independently) for the developed tools

From: IRProfiler – a software toolbox for high throughput immune receptor profiling

Index Tool O(·) R 2
1 Data filtering O(n) 0.999808
2 Clonotype diversity and expression O(n) [0.999508, 0.999717]
3 Gene usage O(n) [0.976990, 0.981139]
4 Public clonotypes O(m·n2) [0.976313, 0.996352]
5 Exclusive clonotypes O(n2) [0.937594, 0.958152]
6 Gene usage comparison O(m·n2) [0.834540, 0.864164]
  1. For the theoretical estimation (3rd column), n is the number of input receptor reads or clonotypes and m is the number of input repertoire datasets. For the experimental estimation (4th column), exactly 2 input datasets have been assumed for the 4th–6th tools. The 4th column includes the coefficient of determination values (R2) assuming a first (1st-3rd tool) and second (4th–6th tool) order polynomial model of the execution time; whenever multiple alternative clonotype definitions or gene subgroups are supported by a tool, ranges of values are reported