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Table 2 CDUR metric description

From: The cytidine deaminase under-representation reporter (CDUR) as a tool to study evolution of sequences under deaminase mutational pressure

CDUR metric Description
belowX % sequences with fewer numbers of MMs than subject for motif X
repTr_below % sequences with fewer non-synonymous transitions than subject
repTrFrac_belowX % sequences with fewer nonsynonymous transitions:MMs
corXxY, corRepTrXxy, corRepTrFracXxY correlation coefficient between MM X and Y
pXcondY, pXcondRepTrY, pXcondRepTrFracY Bivariate conditional P-valueof MM X on Y
expectedX, repTr_expectedX, RepTrFrac_expectedX Mean MMs, non-syn. transitions, and repTr:MMs in null dist. for X
observedX, repTr_observedX, repTrFrac_observedX Total MMs, non-syn. transitions, and repTr:MMs in subject for X