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Table 1 Inference methods used to retrieve predictions on PPI from cancer tissues grouped by category

From: INBIA: a boosting methodology for proteomic network inference

Category Method name
Correlation Spearman correlation [SPEARMAN]
  Pearson correlation [PEARSON]
  TOM Similarity [WGCNA]
Partial Correlation Simple partial correlation [SPC]
  GeneNet shrunken [GENENET]
  Graphical lasso [GLASSO]
Regression Partial least squares regression [PLS]
  Ridge regression [RIDGE]
  Lasso regression [LASSO]
  Elastic net regression [ELASTICNET]
Mutual Information ARACNE additive [ARACNEA]
  ARACNE multiplicative [ARACNEM]
  Context likelihood of relatedness [CLR]
  Maximum relevance minimum redundancy [MRNET]