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Fig. 3

From: Evaluating methods of inferring gene regulatory networks highlights their lack of performance for single cell gene expression data

Fig. 3

ROC (top) and PR (bottom) curves for each method applied to single cell experimental data. The results obtained from the ESC dataset are shown on the left side (a & c) and the HSC dataset is shown on the right side (b & d). Diagonal black lines on the ROC curves are baselines indicating the prediction level equivalent to a random guess (a & b). In (a) and (b), almost all the methods aligned with diagonal black lines in the ROC curve, suggesting the predictions are nearly equivalent to a random guess for all these methods. It is easier to observe the behavior of each method in PR curves. Although the ROC curves indicate similar performance across all methods, for the HSC dataset, the PR curve reveal that the methods have different prediction accuracy (when the total number of detected edges is small), as shown when the curve is close to the y-axis, and thus provides another aspect of evaluation

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