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Fig. 5

From: Evaluating methods of inferring gene regulatory networks highlights their lack of performance for single cell gene expression data

Fig. 5

Intersection of reconstructed networks from general methods and reference networks outlines the ability of the different methods to identify the same true positives. These methods detected a core set of interactions in the learned networks for the ESC data (a), HSC data (b), and two simulated datasets, Sim1 (c) and Sim2 (d). In general, each method also detected edges that were unique to the method and the dataset, except for Pcorr in Sim1 (c, see text). Only a small set of edges in the reference networks were recovered by intersection of three methods, and also different methods detected edges that were unique. Moreover, we show that even after combining all the methods, there were still edges in the reference network that were not detected, as indicated in the white section for each panel

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