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Table 1 New organelle editome entries added to the PREPACT reference library

From: Plant organelle RNA editing and its specificity factors: enhancements of analyses and new database features in PREPACT 3.0

Organelle Species GenBank accession RNA editing study Editing sites
14 new chloroplast editomes
Aegilops tauschii KJ614412 [41] 49
Amborella trichopoda NC_005086 [40] 156
Apopellia endiviifolia NC_019628 [49] 54
Cocos nucifera NC_022417 [42] 98
Cucumis sativus NC_007144 [43] 65
Equisetum hyemale NC_020146 [50] 0
Ginkgo biloba KP099648 [48] 263
Gossypium hirsutum NC_007944 [44] 69
Ophioglossum californicum NC_020147 [51] 232
Phalaenopsis aphrodite NC_007499 [45] 47
Psilotum nudum KC117179 [51] 30
Selaginella uncinata AB197035 [36] 3488
Spirodela polyrhiza NC_015891 [46] 74
Vigna radiata AP014691 [47] 51
6 new mitochondrial editomes
Acrasis kona NC_026286 [26] 2
Amborella trichopoda KF754799
[54] 824
Cocos nucifera NC_031696 [55] 794
Liriodendron tulipifera KC821969 [53] 827
Ophioglossum californicum NC_030900 [52] 861
Psilotum nudum KX171638
[52] 731
  1. NCBI-curated accessions (NC_) have been used preferentially when RNA editing information was retained. Numbers of editing sites (last column) indicate “applied” events in the RNA editing annotation of the PREPACT references. Numbers are occasionally higher than in the respective studies since duplicate annotations had to be used where multiple identical gene copies exist, mainly for those located in the chloroplast IR regions. The Amborella trichopoda and Psilotum nudum mitochondrial editome references were assembled from the separate mt chromosome sequence entries in these species. The resulting number of editome references now available in PREPACT 3.0 totals 52 (27 chloroplast and 25 mitochondrial entries)