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Table 5 Predicted translations of single component models and the combined model, illustrating the advantage of the combined model. Correct translations are in bold

From: A deep learning approach to bilingual lexicon induction in the biomedical domain

Source word Predictions CHARPAIRS Predictions sgns Predictions CHARPAIRS -SGNS
Miscarriage / zwangerschap, miskraam, cardiale miskraam
Contractions contraststof samentrekkingen samentrekkingen
Injected injecties, injectie naald ingespoten
Desensitization desensitisatie injecties, desensibilisatie, ventilation desensibilisatie, desensitisatie
Hart attack hartinfarct, hartaanval, hartmassage hartaanval, atherosclerose, tia hartinfarct, hartaanval
Multifocal multiple, multifocale dominante multifocale