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Fig. 2

From: PanACEA: a bioinformatics tool for the exploration and visualization of bacterial pan-chromosomes

Fig. 2

PanACEA Views of E. hormaechei gat and aga Operons. The PanACEA pan-chromosome images (a), fGR view (b), and phylogeny (c) showing the gat operon that can differentiate E. hormaechei subsp. hormaechei from other subsp. [12]. The location of the fGI in b and c is highlighted with the orange box. The default coloring scheme is shown in (a) with variable regions in dark gray and core regions in light gray. The variable regions are also shown at 0.75 height and on alternating sides of the chromosome to help differentiate small neighboring regions. The bounding core region that contains the aga operon is shown in the preview panel highlighted by the light blue box in a. The cluster of genomes containing the gat operon fGI are annotated as E and are highlighted in the genome phylogeny in c using the pink box. The images in b and c are derived from PNGs downloaded directly from the website. Additional information about the visualization can be found in the user manual located on the GitHub page

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