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Table 2 Novel oscillating protein candidates of C57BL/6 [8] detected by MICOP

From: MICOP: Maximal information coefficient-based oscillation prediction to detect biological rhythms in proteomics data

Gene name Species Condition Tissue Reference
Anp32e Mus musculus DD/LD liver [39, 40]
Cgn Mus musculus LD liver [47]
Csde1 Mus musculus DD liver [39]
  Mus musculus LD SCN [37]
Enpp4 Mus musculus LD liver/anagen epidermis [40, 46, 47]
Gnl2 Mus musculus DD hippocampus/liver [39, 48]
  Mus musculus LD SCN [37]
Ldhb Homo sapiens LL blood [36]
  Mus musculus LD anagen epidermis, SCN [37, 46]
Numa1 Mus musculus LD liver [40]
  Mus musculus DD cartilage tissue [41]
Prdx2 Mus musculus LD SCN [37]
Slco1b2 Mus musculus DD/LD liver [39, 40, 42]
  1. Novel oscillating protein candidates identified by MICOP from time-series proteomics data of C57BL/6 [8] and a list of previous papers which experimentally demonstrated that gene expression oscillates in transcriptome analysis. LD stands for the daily 24-h light-dark (LD) cycle and DD stands for constant darkness conditions. Hyphens indicate that we could not find previous consistent works which prove the mRNA oscillation