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Table 1 Sets of benchmark data

From: De novo assembly of bacterial genomes with repetitive DNA regions by dnaasm application

Sample Coverage Read length Insert size mean Insert size std dev
ERR351243 200x 100 bp 250 bp 63 bp
SRR1981622 200x 100 bp 226 bp 84 bp
SRR1981619 200x 100 bp 211 bp 78 bp
SRR5431732 150x 75 bp 268 bp 101 bp
  1. To compare the performance of our approach and another de novo DNA assemblers we used four bacterial datasets - ERR351243, SRR1981622, SRR1981619 and SRR5431732. To speed up calculations, we decreased the value of genome coverage in ERR351243, SRR1981622 and SRR1981619 datasets to 200x