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Table 2 Data sets used in the experiments

From: Multi-class segmentation of neuronal structures in electron microscopy images

Dataset Labels Voxel size (nm) Train (voxels) Test (voxels)
Hippocampus Mit & Syn 5×5×5 1024×653×165 1024×653×165
Somatosensory cortex Mit & Syn 14.7×14.7×20 366×494×100 366×494×113
Cerebellum Mit & Mem 10×10×50 700×700×20 700×700×26
  1. We denote the annotated labels in each data set as synapses (Syn), mitochondria (Mit) and membranes (Mem). We select train and test sets from consecutive slices in the stack. We use approximately half of each stack for training and the rest for testing