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Table 1 Rates of convergence (%) from the 100 simulated data sets for the five methods, according to different κmax:1,4 and 8

From: Classification based on extensions of LS-PLS using logistic regression: application to clinical and multiple genomic data

1 100 100 71 100 22
4 100 100 41 100 76
8 100 99 44 100 78
  1. R-PLS denotes the results from the analysis of gene expression alone. LS-PCR denotes the approach derived from PCR, where gene expression data are analyzed using PCA and IRLS can thus be applied to the merged data set of PCA scores and clinical data. LS-PLS-IRLS, R-LS-PLS, and IR-LS-PLS denote the rates of convergence from the newly proposed approaches combining expression and clinical data. The number of gene expression variables to preselect pred is set to 500 in the SIS procedure