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Table 2 Related works of EEG signal classification by deep learning

From: Exploring spatial-frequency-sequential relationships for motor imagery classification with recurrent neural network

Methods EEG phenomena Deep learning architectures
Cecotti and Graeser (2008) [40] Steady state visual evoked potential CNN
Cecotti and Graser (2011) [41] Event related potential 300ms CNN
Yang et al. (2015) [43] Motor Imagery CNN
Kumar S and Sharma A (2016) [44] Motor imagery CSP+CNN
Hajinoroozi et al. (2015) [45] Driver’s cognitive states DBN
Wulsin et al. (2011) [46] Abnormal EEG monitor DBN
Zheng et al. (2014) [32] Emotion DBN
Ren and Wu (2014) [42] Motor imagery Convolution DBN
Forney and Anderson (2011) [47] Imagined mental tasks RNN
Soleymani et al. (2016) [48] Durative affection RNN