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Table 2 Simulation results for OmicsPLS and r.jive: inner products

From: Integrating omics datasets with the OmicsPLS package

  OmicsPLS r.jive
X joint 0.88 (0.09) 0.88 (0.09)
X specific 0.79 (0.08) 0.78 (0.09)
Y joint 0.85 (0.08) 0.85 (0.08)
Y specific 0.93 (0.013) 0.92 (0.014)
  1. These results are for p=q=100. One thousand replicates were generated. Median (MAD) values of (the absolute value of) inner products between true and estimated loading vectors for O2PLS and JIVE. Higher values indicate better agreement with true loadings. The results are very similar for high-dimensional data (p=q=104)