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Table 2 Example Observations from AgeFactDB

From: 3D Network exploration and visualisation for lifespan data

Free-text Ageing Phenotype Observation (Data Type 1) – OB_006092  
Species Mus musculus
Gene Symbol Trp63
NCBI Gene ID 22061
Other Ageing Factor Name -
Description Heterozygous mice have a shortened lifespan and display features of accelerated ageing.
PubMed 16107615
Source GenAge
Observation Stable ID OB_006092
Structured LO (Data Type 2) – OB_000094  
Species Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Strain BY4742
Gene FOB1 (NCBI Gene ID 851688) - allele type: deletion/null;
  SIR2 (NCBI Gene ID 851520) - allele type: deletion/null;
  TOR1 (NCBI Gene ID 853529) - allele type: deletion/null;
Compound -
Other Ageing Factor -
Significant Lifespan Effect increased
Change 33.47%
Observed Lifespan 32.7
Reference Lifespan 24.5
Lifespan Unit divisions
Measure mean
Temperature 30
Temperature Unit °C
Sex/Mating Type matalpha
Description Deletion of TOR or SCH9 increase life span of sir2 fob1 double mutant cells. SIR2 and FOB1 are believed to act in a single genetic pathway to promote replicative life span by reducing the accumulation of extrachromosomal rDNA circles in the mother cell [PubMed ID 10521401]. Since dietary restriction also increases the life span of sir2 fob1 double mutant cells [PubMed ID 15328540], this supports the model that TOR1, SCH9, and dietary restriction act in a single pathway that is distinct from SIR2, FOB1, and extrachromosomal rDNA circles.
Source Lifespan Observations Database (ID: 1093)
Observation Stable ID OB_000094
Homology Analysis Observation – OB_008235  
Number of Experimentally Confirmed Ageing-related Genes in Homology Group 1
Description The HomoloGene homology group 38185 contains 1 gene with experimental evidence for ageing relevance (C48E7.2 - Caenorhabditis elegans) and 12 other genes.
Homologs POU1F1 Gallus gallus (NCBI Gene ID 374215);
  POU1F1 Canis lupus familiaris (NCBI Gene ID 403753);
  POU1F1 Pan troglodytes (NCBI Gene ID 470861);
  POU1F1 Bos taurus (NCBI Gene ID 282315);
  POU1F1 Macaca mulatta (NCBI Gene ID 719349);
  Pou1f1 Mus musculus (NCBI Gene ID 18736);
  Pou1f1 Rattus norvegicus (NCBI Gene ID 25517);
  pou1f1 Danio rerio (NCBI Gene ID 405777);
  POU1F1 Homo sapiens (NCBI Gene ID 5449)
Observation Stable ID OB_008235
Source AgeFactDB Homology Analysis
Homology Source HomoloGene homology group 38185