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Table 3 Allele Type (AT) Unification

From: 3D Network exploration and visualisation for lifespan data

AT AT count Unified AT
Conditional restoration of Fgf23 activity in Fgf23 knockout mice 1 Gain of function
Gain of function 27 Gain of function
Knockin 2 Gain of function
Conditional knockout 1 Loss of function
Deletion 1013 Loss of function
Deletion / null 1366 Loss of function
Deletion in connective tissue 1 Loss of function
Deletion of a region 1 Loss of function
Dominant negative 27 Loss of function
Gene disruption 1 Loss of function
Knock-down 1 Loss of function
Knockdown 2 Loss of function
Knockout 67 Loss of function
Loss of function 1631 Loss of function
Null mutant 4 Loss of function
Non-null dominant 3 Mutation
Non-null recessive 93 Mutation
Non-null semi-dominant 13 Mutation
Dominant negative mutation 4 Mutation
Mutation 135 Mutation
Mutation in adults 1 Mutation
Mutations 45 Mutation
Increased dosage 1 Overexpression
Overexpression 138 Overexpression
Overexpression in cardiac and skeletal muscles 1 Overexpression
Overexpression in skin 1 Overexpression
Overexpression in stem and progenitor cells 1 Overexpression
Overexpression of the short isoform of p53 (p44) 1 Overexpression
Over-expression 381 Overexpression
Pharmacological overexpression (Superoxide dismutase/catalase mimetics) 1 Overexpression
RNA interference 561 RNA interference
RNA interference and deletion 1 RNA interference
RNA interference in adults 2 RNA interference
RNA interference post development 47 RNA interference
RNA interference, Knockdown 1 RNA interference
RNAi knockdown 1819 RNA interference
Anti-sense RNA 1 Anti-sense RNA
Deletion / null + RNAi knockdown 1 Deletionnull + RNAi knockdown
Deletion / null + dominant negative 1 Deletion/null + Dominant negative
Deletion / null + normal 2 Deletion / null + normal
Deletion/null + over-expression 1 Deletion / null + over-expression
Epigenetic modification 2 Epigenetic modification
Gain of function + loss of function 1 Gain of function + loss of function
Germline ablation in daf-2 mutants 1 Germline ablation in daf-2 mutants
AT AT count Unified AT
Loss of function + RNAi knockdown 3 Loss of function + RNAi knockdown
Loss of function + normal 1 Loss of function + normal
Loss of function + over-expression 6 Loss of function + over-expression
Normal 31 Normal
Overexpression or mutations 1 Overexpression or mutations
Overexpression, mutations, deletion 1 Overexpression, mutations, deletion
Over-expression+ over-expression 2 Over-expression + over-expression
Over-expression+ unknown 2 Over-expression + unknown
RNA interference and mutations 1 RNA interference and mutations
RNA interference, Mutations 1 RNA interference, Mutations
Transient expression 1 Transient expression
Unknown 447 Unknown
  1. The AT provides information about the experimental change applied to a gene, for example deletion or overexpression. To increase the benefit of adding AT nodes to networks the ATs were unified. There are for example 12 different ATs which are unified to loss of function. The upper part of the table, until the horizontal line, contains all unified ATs with at least 2 non-unified ATs. The AT count indicates the number of occurrences within AgeFactDB lifespan observations. The original AT information was kept as annotation of the LO nodes. The lower part of the table contains all otherATs, which were not unified