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Table 2 The nine spaced seeds used in the experiments grouped according to their type

From: Efficient computation of spaced seed hashing with block indexing

Spaced seeds maximizing the hit probability [31]
Q1 1111011101110010111001011011111
Q2 1111101011100101101110011011111
Q3 1111101001110101101100111011111
Spaced seeds minimizing the overlap complexity [23]
Q4 1111010111010011001110111110111
Q5 1110111011101111010010110011111
Q6 1111101001011100111110101101111
Spaced seeds maximizing the sensitivity [21]
Q7 1111011110011010111110101011011
Q8 1110101011101100110100111111111
Q9 1111110101101011100111011001111