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Table 2 Functional description similarity between tomato and grapevine orthologs

From: Multilevel comparative bioinformatics to investigate evolutionary relationships and specificities in gene annotations: an example for tomato and grapevine

Functional Annotation dentity percentage Number of orthology relationships Description examples
100 (%) 8652 Photosystem II D2 protein
Photosystem II D2 protein
80–99 (%) 1087 E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase RING1
E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase RING1-like
60–79 (%) 322 Probable pectate lyase P59
Pectate lyase
40–59 (%) 1442 Germin-like protein subfamily 1 member 14
Putative germin-like protein 2–1
20–39 (%) 4782 9-divinyl ether synthase
Allene oxide synthase, chloroplastic
0–19 (%) 1629 Metal transporter Nramp6
Cinnamoyl-CoA reductase 1
  1. Summary of the functional description similarity between tomato and grapevine orthologs, based on software inspection of matching fonts between tomato and grapevine