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Table 5 Public MG-RAST projects with 10 most sequences

From: What we can see from very small size sample of metagenomic sequences

Original MG-RAST ID Project Name Title of Sequences Biome Feature Material
4,539,528.3 GP corn unassembled iowa-corn-GAII-round1 terrestrial biome terrestrial habitat soil
4,510,219.3 Penang Mangrove Metagenome BatuMaung_Penang Mangrove Biome Wetland Peat soil
4,510,173.3 BP_Sediments 2011-1933_120131_SN1035_0095_BD04PVACXX_s_4_sequence.fastq marine benthic biome ocean marine sediment
4,509,400.3 Hofmockel Soil Aggregate COB KBASE PF41-LM-July2012 / H14_ACTTGA_L007 Temperate grasslands terrestrial habitat agricultural soil
4,562,385.3 D.I. Tarballs 0610 D.I.Tarball 0610 aquatic biome mesoscopic physical object organic material
4,538,997.3 Marcell Experimental Forest carbon cycling MG-T3F-75cm_pair_retain Temperate needle-leaf forests or woodlands forest soil
4,539,575.3 GED prairie unassembled 1461.5.1405 trimmed terrestrial biome terrestrial habitat soil
4,587,432.3 HMP SRP002423 Bacterial Fungal Taxonomic Analysis SRS301868_joined terrestrial biome human-associated habitat feces
4,555,915.3 Beijing Hospital Air MetaGenome Part1 ICU-Intensive Care Unit terrestrial biome air conditioning unit air
4,533,611.3   M2_retainMode