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Table 1 Examples of virus sequence data resources

From: GLUE: a flexible software system for virus sequence data

Resource name Virus species Functions References
REGA Genotyping Tool HIV, HCV and others Genotyping, Recombination analysis Alcantara et al., 2009 [1]
The RNA Virus Database Many viruses Comparative analysis Belshaw et al., 2009 [2]
Stanford HIV Drug Resistance Database HIV Sequence repository, Sequence interpretation Shafer et al., 2006 [3], Gifford et al., 2009 [4] Liu et al., 2006 [5]
Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data Influenza Sequence repository, Sequence interpretation, Visualisation Shu and McCauley, 2017 [6]
Influenza Research Database Influenza Sequence repository Sequence interpretation, Bioinformatics workbench Squires et al., 2012 [7]
Virus Pathogen Database and Analysis Resource Many viruses Sequence repository, Sequence interpretation, Bioinformatics workbench Pickett et al., 2012 [8]
Nextstrain Influenza, Ebola, Zika and others Molecular epidemiology, Visualisation Neher et al., 2015 [9] Hadfield et al., 2018 [10]
Geno2pheno[hcv] HCV Sequence interpretation Kalaghatgi et al., 2016 [11]
The Los Alamos hepatitis C sequence database HCV Sequence database Kuiken et al., 2005 [12]
The HIV Mutation Browser HIV Polymorphism database Davey et al., 2014 [13]