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Table 3 Enriched GO terms in up and down-regulated genes

From: iDEP: an integrated web application for differential expression and pathway analysis of RNA-Seq data

Direction Pathways nGenes adj.Pval
Cell cycle 259 4.50E-46
Cell cycle process 207 1.70E-42
Mitotic cell cycle 169 5.60E-38
Chromosome segregation 92 2.80E-35
Mitotic cell cycle process 145 2.00E-33
Sister chromatid segregation 72 5.20E-33
Cell division 118 5.20E-33
Nuclear chromosome segregation 80 2.20E-30
Nuclear division 86 5.60E-26
Organelle organization 350 1.20E-24
Mitotic nuclear division 65 3.50E-24
Organelle fission 88 5.80E-24
Cytoskeleton organization 159 1.70E-23
Cell cycle phase transition 98 2.60E-21
Mitotic sister chromatid segregation 45 4.00E-21
Cell surface receptor signaling pathway 258 3.40E-25
Regulation of cell proliferation 171 8.20E-23
Cell proliferation 195 7.40E-22
Regulation of signaling 265 3.80E-21
Response to organic substance 259 1.20E-20
Regulation of cell communication 260 1.20E-20
Locomotion 165 1.20E-19
Regulation of signal transduction 239 1.30E-19
System development 332 1.00E-18
Regulation of cellular component movement 100 3.70E-17
Regulation of response to stimulus 291 8.20E-17
Response to endogenous stimulus 143 1.20E-16
Response to chemical 319 1.70E-16
Cellular response to organic substance 211 1.80E-16
Cell migration 131 2.10E-16