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Table 1 PanoromiX Node file

From: PanoromiX: a time-course network medicine platform integrating molecular assays and pathophenotypic data

Data Field Data Type Required Description
id General text Required This field denotes the unique id of this node or point. It is used by the application to reference each node individually and perform operations such as linking and defining colors, shape and so on. This field must be unique.
name General text Required This field is the label that is displayed under each node on the visualization and although similar to the id in our example data, this label can be whatever the user chooses, and in addition does not need to be a unique value.
group General text Required Since the PanoromiX application creates modules or groups from the data it processes, this field is necessary to indicate which group, or module, a particular node is a member of. This field does not need to be unique as many nodes may belong to the same group.
type General text Required This field is used to denote a characteristic about each node, aside from its group. For example, one can define both ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ nodes.
description General Text Optional This field allows the user to enter a short paragraph of text (256 characters or less) containing a description, or additional information related to each node. We will discuss how this is displayed when we illustrate how to interact with the visualization.
size Numerical Optional Depending on the nature of your data, it may be beneficial to render some nodes larger on the screen, and some smaller. This numerical value (1–5) allows you to do just that. It controls the dimensions or size of each node on screen.
color Numerical Optional This field allows the user to enter a numerical value (1–5) to display a time-point profile associated with the node.
shape Numerical Optional This field allows the user to specify a general shape for each of the nodes by using a numerical value (0–5) in this column. 0 – circle, 1 – square, 2 – diamond, 3 – cross, 4 - triangle (downward pointing), 5 – triangle (upward pointing)