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Fig. 1

From: Rapid fine mapping of causative mutations from sets of unordered, contig-sized fragments of genome sequence

Fig. 1

Region of the genome harbouring the candidate mutation is defined by the assembled fragments with enriched homozygosity. (a,b) Density plots of fragments HMES from 1000 iterations for an (a) outcross data and (b) backcross data are plotted along the entire Arabidopsis genome. Contigs from chromosome 1 to 5 are arranged sequentially. Causative mutation location is highlighted using a red vertical dashed line. (c,d,e) Boxplots showing the distribution of (c) HMES (d) HMES rank presented as a percentage of all fragments with HMES >1 and (e) length of the fragment with candidate mutation from 1000 iterations

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