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Fig. 2

From: Rapid fine mapping of causative mutations from sets of unordered, contig-sized fragments of genome sequence

Fig. 2

Implementation of CHERIPIC with bulk segregant sequencing data from plant species with varying genome sizes has identified variants very close to causative mutation. Density plots showing the position of selected variants (a) on Chromosome 4 of Arabidopsis for sup2; (b) on Chromosome 4 of maize for gl3 and (c) on Chromosome 5 for mnd mutant as vertical red dotted lines. Top five percentile HMES variants were depicted for Arabidopsis and barley, while for maize all selected variants were depicted. In each panel, variant densities are presented as either all variants or variants with HMES grater than median or HMES grater than 3rd quartile. Variants with HMES from top 1% are very closely linked to causative mutation. Bulk segregant sequence data is from whole genome sequencing (Arabidopsis), RNA-seq (maize) and exome sequencing (barley) experiments

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