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Table 6 The result of different methods on an independent test set

From: Identification of pre-microRNAs by characterizing their sequence order evolution information and secondary structure graphs

Method Accuracy Pre-microRNAs which were not correctly identified
IMcRNA-EXPseSSC [27] 0.8590(67/78) hsa-mir-8069-2, hsa-mir-1843, hsa-mir-10393, hsa-mir-10394,
   hsa-mir-10395, hsa-mir-10400, hsa-mir-10527, hsa-mir-11401,
   hsa-mir-12115, hsa-mir-12128, hsa-mir-9500;
MicroR-Pred(SVM) [31] 0.9103(71/78) hsa-mir-10395, hsa-mir-9500, hsa-mir-8069-2, hsa-mir-12115,
   hsa-mir-10400, hsa-mir-11401, hsa-mir-12128;
MicroRNA-NHPred 0.9615(75/78) hsa-mir-1843, hsa-mir-12115, hsa-mir-11401.