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Table 3 The validation results of predicted top 10 new circRNA-disease associations of Atherosclerotic vascular disease

From: DWNN-RLS: regularized least squares method for predicting circRNA-disease associations

Disease CircRNA Rank Source
Atherosclerotic vascular disease cANRIL 1 PMID:28683453,
  hsa_circ_0003575 2 Unknown
  circSMARCA5/hsa_circ_0001445 3 Unknown
  hsa_circ_0000284/circHIPK3 4 Unknown
  hsa_circ_0004383/cZNF292 5 PMID:27836747
  circRNA-chr19 6 Unknown
  CircDOCK1/hsa_circ_100721 7 Unknown
  mmu-circRNA-015947 8 Unknown
  hsa-circRNA 2149 9 Unknown
  circRar1 10 Unknown