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Table 4 The validation results of predicted top 10 new circRNA-disease associations of Breast cancer

From: DWNN-RLS: regularized least squares method for predicting circRNA-disease associations

Disease CircRNA Rank Source
Breast cancer circGFRA1/hsa_circ_005239 1 PMID:29037220
  circUBAP2 2 Unknown
  circ-Foxo3/hsa_circ_0006404 3 PMID:26657152
  Cir-ITCH/hsa_circ_0001141/hsa_circ_001763 4 Unknown
  hsa_circ_0001649 5 Unknown
  CDR1as/ciRS-7/hsa_circ_0001946 6 PMID:28049499
  hsa_circ_0043256 7 Unknown
  hsa_circ_0016760 8 Unknown
  hsa_circ_0007385 9 Unknown
  hsa_circ_0014130 10 Unknown