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Table 3 TOX 21 assays

From: Convolutional neural network based on SMILES representation of compounds for detecting chemical motif

Subdataset qHTS assay target
NR-AR Androgen receptor using the MDA cell line
NR-AR-LBD Androgen receptor ligand binding domain
NR-ER Estrogen receptor α using the BG1 cell line
NR-ER-LBD Estrogen receptor α ligand binding domain
NR-AhR Aryl hydrocarbon receptor
NR-Aromatase Aromatase enzyme
NR-PPAR- γ Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ
SR-ARE Antioxidant response element
SR-ATAD5 Luciferase-tagged ATAD5 in human embryonic kidney cells
SR-HSE Heat shock response
SR-MMP Mitochondrial membrane potential
SR-p53 p53 response