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Table 1 Autism and Schizophrenia share a common set of CNVs

From: Constructing a database for the relations between CNV and human genetic diseases via systematic text mining

Autism Schizophrenia The common CNVs
16p11.2 22q11.2 16p11.2
15q11.2 15q11.2 15q11.2
15q13.3 15q13.3 15q13.3
1q21.1 1q21.1 1q21.1
16p13.1 16p11.2 16p13.1
22q11.2 3q29 22q11.2
3q29 16p13.1 3q29
17q12 2p16.3 17q12
2p16.3 17p12 2p16.3
7q11.23 17q12  
  1. Note: Top ten CNVs in the returned list from searching “autism” or “schizophrenia” were listed and compared. Note: for cytobands that overlaps, only one cytoband is listed, e.g. 16p13.1 is listed when both 16p13.1 and 16p13.11 are shown