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Table 2 Summary information describing the five case studies for human lncRNAs

From: Measures of co-expression for improved function prediction of long non-coding RNAs

Ensembl ID Gene symbol Name
Selected references
ENSG00000228630 HOTAIR Hox transcript antisense RNA
Development process and morphogenesis, cancer metastasis and invasiveness
[41, 42]
ENSG00000206337 HCP5 HLA complex P5
Immune responses
[43, 44]
ENSG00000251164 HULC Heptacellular carcinoma up-regulated long non-coding RNA
Liver cancer and colorectal carcinomas that metastasize to the livers
[45, 46]
ENSG00000130600 H19 Imprinted maternally expressed transcript
Infertility and multiple cancers such as breast, cervical, liver and bladder
[47, 48]
ENSG00000225937 PCA3 Prostate cancer associated 3
Prostate cancer
[49, 50]