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Table 2 Proportional indices extracted from the nose and orolabial regions

From: Automated craniofacial landmarks detection on 3D image using geometry characteristics information

Regions Proportional Indices
Nose \( Nasal\ index=\frac{Width\ of\ the\ nose}{Height\ of\ the\ nose}\times 100 \)
\( Nasal\ tip\ protrusion\ width\ index=\frac{Nasal\ tip\ protrusion}{Width\ of\ the\ nose}\times 100 \)
Orolabial \( Upper\ lip\ width\ index=\frac{Height\ of\ the\ upper\ lip}{Width\ of\ the\ mouth}\times 100 \)
\( Skin\ portion\ upper\ lip\ index=\frac{Height\ of\ the\ cutaneous\ upper\ lip}{Height\ of\ the\ upper\ lip}\times 100 \)
\( Upper\ vermilion\ height\ index=\frac{Vermilion\ height\ of\ the\ upper\ lip}{Vermilion\ height\ of\ the\ lower\ lip}\times 100 \)