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Table 1 A sample of known protein characteristics represented in a form similar to predicate logic’s premises and used as specification rules. The abbreviations in Table 3 are used in the formation of these premises. Ri denotes premise number i. The following Logic Symbols are used: “” for Conjunction; “” for Logical Disjunction; “→” for implies

From: Predicting protein functions by applying predicate logic to biomedical literature

R1: FD(Px) →(ST(Px) →F(Px))
R2: AAS(Px) → ST(Px)
R3: AAS(Px) → F(Px)
R4: CBND(Px, Ly) AAS(Px)→ ST(Px)
R5: (FD(Px) ST(Px)) → F(Px)
R6: PPI(Px, Py) → PCF(Px, Py)
R7: PCF(Px, Py)→(F(Px) →F(Py))
R8: PCF(Px, Py)→F(Px) F(Py)
R9: (ST(Px) ST(Py)) → (F(Px) →F(Py))
R10: (AAS(Px) AAS(Py)) → (ST(Px) →F(Py))
R11: CBND(Px, Ly) F(Px) → AAS(Px)
R12: NCBND(Px Py) →  PPI(Px, Py)
R13: ST(Px) → AAS(Px)