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Table 3 Notations and abbreviations of the terms used in the formation of the premises presented in Table 1

From: Predicting protein functions by applying predicate logic to biomedical literature

Abb. Term
ST(Px) Structure of protein Px
FD(Px) Folding of protein Px
Ly Ligand y
F(Px) Function of protein Px
AAS(Px) Amino Acid Sequence of protein Px
CBND(Px, Ly) Covalent bond between Ligand y and protein Px
PPI(Px, Py) Protein-Protein Interaction of proteins Px and Py
NCBND(Px, Py) Non-covalent bond between proteins Px and Py
PCF(Px, Py) Protein Complex of Functions of proteins Px and Py