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Table 2 AMYCO correctly predicts prion converting mutations on yeast proteins

From: AMYCO: evaluation of mutational impact on prion-like proteins aggregation propensity

Protein variant AMYCO score
PUF4 wt 0
PUF4 mut 0.69
*PUF4 6PP,1N 0.93
PUF4 4PP 0.60
YLR177W wt 0
*YLR177W mut 0.85
*YLR177W 4PP,1N 1.23
*YLR177W 4PP 1.03
KC11 wt 0
*KC11 mut 0.97
PDC2 wt 0
PDC2 mut 0.78
  1. AMYCO correctly predicts mutations that induce prionic phenotypes. Mutations predicted to increase and highly increase aggregation propensity are shown in italics and bold, respectively. Variants that do not need overexpression to generate a prionic phenotype in yeast are indicated with an asterisk [20]