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Table 1 Feature comparison of BioReader, MedlineRanker, and MScanner

From: BioReader: a text mining tool for performing classification of biomedical literature

Feature BioReader MedlineRanker MScanner
Positive class input Yes Yes Yes
Negative class input Yes Yes No
Classification list input Yes Yes No
Training features All words (stemmed to consolidate counts), MeSH, journal, authors Nouns MeSH, journal
Classification algorithm(s) support vector machine, elastic-net regularized generalized linear model, maximum entropy, supervised latent Dirichlet allocation, bagging, boosting, random forest, k-nearest neighbor, regression tree, and naïve Bayes classifiers Naïve Bayes classifier Naïve Bayes classifier
Output Ranked lists, term signature (positive and negative), separation visualization (PCA), performance metrics Ranked lists, term signature (positive), performance metrics Ranked list
Standalone source code available Yes No (but offers API) Yes