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Table 1 GO analysis of putative target genes of unique super-enhancer domains in lymphoblast and prefrontal cortex

From: A new class of constitutively active super-enhancers is associated with fast recovery of 3D chromatin loops

Cell/tissue type Term Fold Enrichment
GM12878 (Lymphoblast) GO:0006955~immune response 4.50
GO:0031295~T cell costimulation 12.1
GO:0071222~cellular response to lipopolysaccharide 8.30
GO:0000188~inactivation of MAPK activity 22.6
GO:2001244~positive regulation of intrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway 17.2
GO:0035556~intracellular signal transduction 3.30
GO:0001922~B-1 B cell homeostasis 94.3
GO:0033209~tumor necrosis factor-mediated signaling pathway 6.40
GO:0032729~positive regulation of interferon-gamma production 12.3
GO:0031532~actin cytoskeleton reorganization 12.0
Prefrontal Cortex GO:0051965~positive regulation of synapse assembly 21.4
GO:0022010~central nervous system myelination 126
GO:0007409~axonogenesis 13.5
GO:0007417~central nervous system development 11.0
GO:0031018~endocrine pancreas development 34.0
GO:0007155~cell adhesion 3.90
GO:0032570~response to progesterone 22.7
GO:0046426~negative regulation of JAK-STAT cascade 22.1