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Table 2 Architectures identified for M1 protein

From: Greedy de novo motif discovery to construct motif repositories for bacterial proteomes

Architectures      Support
1 m07:3 m01:1 m06:2 m05:1 1
2 m07:3 m01:2 m06:4 m05:1 1
3 m07:3 m01:3 m06:4 m05:0 1
4 m07:3 m01:4 m06:5 m05:1 1
5 m07:3 m01:2 m06:3 m05:1 2
6 m07:2 m01:3 m06:4 m05:1 2
7 m07:3 m01:3 m06:4 m05:1 10
  1. Seven different motif architectures are identified with different level of supports. The last one (most important one) supports by 10 proteins in the family. The table also shows that motifs m07, m01, m06, and m05 are the most prevalent motifs in M1 and also generally in M protein family